January 21, 2024
Appreciation Letters

Letter of Appreciation to Employee on Retirement

_____________(Employer Name / HR Manager),
_____________(Name of Company/Institute/Organisation)


____________(Name of the Employee),
___________(Designation of the Employee)

Subject: Appreciation letter

Dear ______ (Name of the Employee),

Congratulations on your fore coming retirement. Over the past ________(number of years) you have served this organization with great zeal and passion.

During the incumbency of your time, you have contributed greatly _____________ (towards increased sales/ high employee retention, etc.). A true salute to your spirit for handling all the turbulent situations and making sure that you deliver everything with courage.

We are grateful for all your actions and deliverance and acknowledge your problem-solving skills.

Your character is as remarkable as your work ethic. You will be sorely missed.

Congratulations again for a well-deserved retirement.

Wish you good health and all the luck.

Kind Regards,

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