Resignation Letters

Resignation Letters are formal documentation for renouncing one’s job, responsibility, and role from a designated position in association with the employer. Resignation Letters have to be presented for relieving oneself from a responsibility paid or unpaid, to make space for someone else to take up the work with a formal resignation letter. Resignations Letters are familiar and pertinent in organizations and companies. Entry and Exit into the professional world are marked by Offer Letter and Resignation Letter.

In Simple Terms, a Resignation letter means Exit from a position in an organization. Every organization and domain has a specific format and guideline for resignation also Resignations are of various types depending on the factor of Serving the Notice Period.

Few Important Terminology to Know before Writing Resignation Letter –

  • Notice Period – The time to serve between the date of resignation till the reliving day.
  • Resignation Date – The Date when the Resignation is initiated or Requested.
  • Relieving Date – Last working day in the respective organization.
  • Reporting Manager – Last reporting manager who will be the approving authority for resignation and Full and Final settlement.
  • Tenure – Period served in the organization.
  • Last Position – The role last played.

Let’s see a few resignation examples, and Resignation Formats and Samples.

  • One Month Resignation Letter for Staff Nurse – Resignation Letter 1 Month Notice
  • Resignation Letter to HR Manager by Bank Employee – Sample Letter of Resignation for Bank Job
  • Resignation Letter With Reason of Low Salary – Sample Resignation Letter With Reason Salary
  • Resignation Letter Due to Marriage and Relocation – Sample Resignation Letter Due to Relocation After Marriage

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Resignation Letter Sample | Resignation Letter Template | Relieving Letter | Resignation Letter Format

Tips on writing Good Resignation Letter, mastering how to write resignation letter, how to make resignation letter, how to start a resignation letter, how to write a good resignation letter, how to create a letter of resignation, how to write relieving letter –

  • Language is the key, write in a very humble and polite language even if the emotions are overwhelming.
  • Give the right reason for resignation and keep the end open for negotiation if required.
  • Mention the details right about the service and role.
  • Share the requirements related to notice period, compensation and retiral benefits accurately.
  • Always be humble and thankful for the opportunity enjoyed and welcome future endeavors.

Resignation Letter Format – Simple Resignation Letter Sample – How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter


________ Manager / HR/ Authority Name
________ Designation
________ Company Name/ Address

Date :____/___/___

Subject : Resignation Request – Employee Code – Name – Department


Body – Employee background, association with the department, tenure, last work or project___________, Submitting the resignation Letter dated, reason and any further request regarding notice period, compensation etc._____________________

Request for Acceptance and ____________

Employee Details :
Date of Joining _____
Code _____
Manager ______
Compensation ________

Yours Faithfully,

________ Sender Name,
________ Sender details

There are Types of Resignation letters that depend on the above elements of resignation, the language of the letter varies on the notice period serving and reliving role. Let us take a look on some of the examples of resignation letters.

  • 2 Week Notice Letter
  • Simple Resignation Letter
  • Short Resignation Letter
  • Immediate Resignation Letter
  • Basic Resignation Letter
  • Emergency Resignation Letter
  • professional resignation letter
  • Resignation Letter to Manager
  • Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons
  • Employment Resignation Letter
  • Formal Resignation Letter

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