Receipt Letter

A receipt letter is a document of acknowledgment, proof of a transaction that may involve a product, payment, donation, service, or document exchange. Receipt letters are formal proof of receiving an item/service or a payment received confirmation letter including information related to delivery and a receive. Receipt letter is also called Acknowledgement letter, it is a letter of receipt which confirms the reception of certain documents.

Receipt Letters are specific to the entity being received at one end. Invoice of receipt and acknowledgement letter for payment prove the exchange between two parties took place and the chain is complete from the sender or delivery partner to the receiver. Receipt Letters are a valuable piece of document, important in the workplace, daily lives, school, college, government offices, hospitals, restaurants, MNCs and malls, etc everywhere.

Let us now understand how receipt letters are used in our day-to-day lifestyle.  For example, you are in a parking lot, you get a parking receipt or you pay school fees, get a fee receipt of payment letter, you order food online, you get a delivery receipt, you do online shopping, you get a delivery receipt, or you may hand over a parcel and you get acknowledgement receipt letter, the vendor gives advance payment and takes a receipt letter. So that’s how receipt letters are used daily. Different Receipt letters have different receipt formats.

Most common used Receipt Letters are:

  • Donation Receipt Letter
  • Rent Receipt Letter
  • Non Profit Donation Receipt Letter
  • Money Receipt Letter
  • Tax Donation Letter
  • Cash Payment Receipt Letter
  • Cheque Receipt Letter
  • Receipt Letter For Documents
  • Receipt Confirmation Letter
  • Lost Receipt Letter
  • Cash Receipt Letter
  • Loan Receipt Letter

Receipt Letter Important Elements –

Receiver Name/Address – Acknowledgment to the right person and designated authority.
Receiver’s Signature – Receipt letter is basically a piece of paper with the proof of authenticity.
Time and Date – Proof of element receipt letter is in the letter’s acknowledgement time and date.

Let us observe the the different types of Receipt Letters | The following are some of the examples of Receipt Letters.

  • How to Write an Application for Receipt Letter, How to Request for a Receipt Letter
  • Donation Receipt Request Letter – Sample Letter Requesting Donation Receipt
  • Payment Acknowledgement Receipt Letter – Sample Letter of Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment
  • Request Letter for Payment Receipt – Sample Letter Requesting Receipt of Payment

Receipt Letter Sample | Receipt Letter Template | Receipt Letter Format

Sample of Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment:


________ Receiver’s Name
________ Receiver’s Address

Subject : Acknowledgment of Receipt Letter For _______

This is to share the acknowledgment for receipt of the ____________, respective to following details,

Service/Payment/Order/ Donation Name –
Unique ID –
Date of Purchase –
Place –
Name of Receiver –
Contact Number –
Signature –

We are thankful and grateful to be associated with you.

Thanks and Regards,
__________ Sender’s Name
__________ Sender’s Signature

Receipt Letter Sample | Receipt Letter Template | Receipt Letter Format Request Letter | Receipt Letter Application | Receipt Letter Format

Sample Letter Format Requesting Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment:


_________ Sender’s Name
_________ Sender’s Address


_________ Receiver’s Name
_________ Receiver’s Address

Date : ___/___/___

Subject : Receipt letter acknowledgement request for _______

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

This is to request you to share the receipt letter for the __________

Details –

Date :
Service ID/ Order ID :
Received By :

Looking forward to your early response. Please contact me if you require any further information.

Yours Sincerely,
_______ Sender’s Name
_______ Sender’s Contact Number
_______ Sender’s Signature