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A is an alphabet made with the tongue to the front of the mouth with the jaw open where the tongue touches the lower jaw?

Letter A - The Letter A

Few common words starting with A are Apple, Ant, Anger, Arrow, Angel, And, April, and a lot more.

‘A’ among with E, I, O, U is a vowel. For any alphabet that keeps the vocal tract open while pronouncing is known as Vowel.

Find Some Words Starting With Alphabet A:

Two alphabet word starting with A:

  • as, at, am, an, ax

Three alphabet word starting with A:

  • ate, ash, art, and, act, arc, abs, ant, age, add, ask, arm, app

Four alphabet word starting with A:

  • acid, ache, acne, aunt, able, also, area, arcs, apex, atom, alum, area, Asia

Five alphabet word starting with A:

  • apple, angle, angel, April, apron, aunty, among, ahead, abuse, adult, arrow, agree, acute

Six alphabet word starting with A:

  • abacus, arctic, abduct, aboard, abroad, absorb, access, accept, accuse, adorer, adsorb, advice

Seven alphabet word starting with A:

  • approve, ancient, ability, adopted, absorbs, adopted

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