From: ____________@_____._____ (Sender’s Email Address)
To: ____________@_____._____ (Receiver’s Email Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: ____________ (Mention Subject)

Dear _________,

I hope that you find this e-mail in a good health. I am great here and expecting you to be good too.

I am writing this e-mail in order to inform you about the vacation that I spent at _________ (Location). Even after having such a strenuous schedule, I have to manage everything at the __________ (hostel/school/college) I decided to take a break from everything and spend some time with myself.

So I visited _________ (destination) along with _________ (Parents/ Friends). We travelled via __________ (bus/ cab/ car/ train). It was so much good to visit that place as it was full of scenic beauty and nature. We stayed at ________ (Location).The ________ (Hotel/ Resort) was at such a good location and had a very good service. The trip was ______ (not too costly/under budget/expensive/any other) as the total expenses incurred was ______ (Amount). This vacation trip was well-planned and well-executed.

We got accommodation easily, and the food over there was really good. We tried the traditional food of _______ (Location). I hope you enjoyed hearing about my vacation and I am excited to hear about yours. You do respond to this e-mail at the earliest.

Stay safe,

Yours loving,
_________ (Name)

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