Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Environment Day Celebration in Your SchoolWrite a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Environment Day Celebration in Your School
When writing a letter to describe the Environment Day celebration in your school to a friend, it's important to convey your enthusiasm and share details about the event. Be clear and polite, expressing gratitude for your friend's well-being and inviting them to learn about the importance of environmental conservation. Remember to include key highlights, such as speeches, tree planting activities, and the impact on the school environment.

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Letter to Your Friend Describing the Environment Day Celebration in Your School

Dear friend,

Hello, how are you?

We are all doing great here and always pray to God for your well-being.

Just a few days ago, on Environment Day, a function was organized in our school about the environment, on that day many speakers gave their views and emphasis was given to making the environment pure and clean.

The main focus was towards planting trees as the more we plant trees, the more we will be able to stay close to nature because nowadays, many trees are being cut down in order to establish _____ (city/ roads/ buildings), therefore, there is a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, which makes it very difficult for everyone. No one can survive without oxygen, so we should plant more and more trees so that we can get pure oxygen, after the ceremony, everyone planted _____ (no. of trees) trees, in total, we planted _____ (total number of trees) trees, and we water those trees regularly.

Now, almost all the trees have taken their roots and as the rainy season is about to come, these trees will grow very soon and there will be greenery around the school.

I thought that I must write about it. I am waiting for your letter.

Your friend,
_________ (mention name)

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  • Q: What was the main focus of the Environment Day celebration at the school?
    • A: The main focus was on environmental conservation, particularly the importance of tree planting to maintain a clean and healthy environment.
  • Q: How did the students contribute to the Environment Day celebration?
    • A: Students actively participated in tree planting activities, collectively planting a significant number of trees within the school premises.
  • Q: What impact did the celebration have on the school environment?
    • A: The celebration resulted in the planting of a large number of trees, which are expected to contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment within the school.
  • Q: Why is tree planting emphasized during Environment Day celebrations?
    • A: Tree planting is emphasized to counteract the negative effects of deforestation and urbanization, such as the decline in oxygen levels and loss of green spaces.
  • Q: What is the significance of the upcoming rainy season mentioned in the letter?
    • A: The rainy season is expected to facilitate the growth of the newly planted trees, ensuring their survival and contributing to the enhancement of the school surroundings with lush greenery.

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