February 29, 2024
Informal Letters

Write A Letter To Your Father Asking For Money To Buy Books

From ______________ ,

I hope this letter finds you in good health dad. I am good here, and I am doing absolutely well.

I am writing this letter to intimate you regarding my new session which is going to begin soon. I am in need of _________  (Amount) for my books. I have news to share, I secured the _______ (position) position in class with the last set of extra books that I purchased.

I am pretty sure that this time too, I will be doing well and I will be able to score well. I simply don’t want to stop learning and want to increase my learning curve. And I know these sets of books will help me out. So please, let me buy these books at the earliest possible so that I excel again. I am hoping to make you proud soon.

Take care of yourself and give my love to mother,

I miss you all,

Yours loving,
___________ (Name),
___________ (Sign)

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