Write a Letter to your Father asking for Money to Buy a Cycle

From ___________,

I hope you doing fine dad, I am doing amazing here.

I am writing this letter to put a request in front of you. I am writing this letter because I wish to buy a bicycle and I will be needing your help with funds. During the past few weeks, I have realized that I have gained much weight due to a sedentary lifestyle, hence it has started affecting my academics. I am not able to study and I am not able to keep myself aware of my surroundings.

All these absent-minded activities are because of less workout. I have always been keen on nature. So that is why I started working out in my balcony. I have a group of friends and we all have decided that we will be cycling daily for about __________ kilometers a day, which will help us in keeping our body toned in a healthy way.

So, I request you to please send me some money; near about ______ (amount) for the cycle.

Give my love to mom and please take care of yourself.

With lots of love,

Yours loving,
____________ (Name)
____________ (Sign)

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