_____________ (Name of the employee),
_____________ (Name of the company),
_____________ (Address)

Date: __ /__ /____ (Date)

The Human Resources Manager,
_____________ (Name of the company),
_____________ (Address)

Subject: Termination letter

Dear ___________ (Name of the employee as salutation),

This letter indicates a formal termination for the employee _____________ (Name of the employee) working in the department __________ (Name of the department) for the reason being _____________ (Mention the reason).

The management offers a one month notice period time which begins from ___________ (Date) and ends at __________ (Date). The employee is required to submit all the documents and finish all the pending projects within the given time. With that, employee will no longer work in the team but will be continuing his/her role as an independent person for the notice period.

___________ (Name),
___________ (Contact Details),
___________ (Signature)

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