Reference Number: _________
Dated: __________

Salary Certificate

This is to certify that Mr/Miss/Mrs ______________ (Employee Name) Son of / Daughter of /Wife of ____________  residing at _____________ (Residential Address) is a ___________ (temporary /permanent) ____________ (staff/ employee) of our __________ (Company/School/Institution/Office- Mention Any) working as __________ (Designation) and _______ (his/her) ________ (net/gross) salary is ___________ (salary) per month (Amount in words). His/Her annual CTC is Rs. ___________________ (Annual CTC)

We hereby assure the above-mentioned details are correct and on the basis of records. This letter is specifically issued on the request of the employee.

The Salary with deduction details is as mentioned below:

Basic Salary: _______________
HRA: _______________
LTA: _______________
Medical Allowance: _______________
Travel Allowance: _______________
PF: _______________
Gratuity: _______________
Any Other: _______________

_____________ (Company Name),
_____________ (Authorized Signatory)

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