Request Letter to Tenant for Garden Maintenance – Sample Letter to Tenant Regarding Garden Maintenance

_________ (Landlord’s Name),
_________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

_________ (Tenant Name),
_________ (Address)

Subject: Request for garden maintenance


I am an undersigned owner for the dwelling of _____ (mention property address) and you have been residing at the mentioned property for the last _______ (duration) on the basis of the contractual agreement signed on __/__/____ (date).

On basis of the contractual agreement bearing agreement number _________ (agreement number) signed between us regarding tenancy for the above-mentioned property, you are supposed to look after the garden too. In this regard, as per discussion, I request you to kindly maintain the garden properly. If you need any assistance or have any query, you may contact me at ___________ (contact details)

Looking forward to quick actions.

_________ (Signature)
_________ (Name)

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