When writing a request letter for opening a minor’s account at a bank, it is important to be clear and polite. Introduce yourself and provide relevant information about the minor and the request. Clearly state your purpose, explain the reason for opening the account, and provide any necessary documentation. Always express gratitude for considering your request. Avoid using unclear language and make sure to include all necessary details to ensure your letter is understood and complete.

Sample Letter: Request Letter to Bank for Opening Minor’s Account

The Manager,
___________ (Name of the Bank),
___________ (Address of the Bank),

Date: __/__/____ (date)

Subject: Request for Opening Minor’s Account

Respected Sir/Madam,

Most humbly, my name is _______________ (name) and I am writing to request the opening of a minor’s account for my child/ward, _______________ (minor’s name), who is _______________ (mention age) years old.

The account is needed for _______________ (savings/education/scholarship/other) purposes. I believe this will help inculcate the habit of saving and managing finances from a young age.

Please find the attached documents required for this request:

  • Birth certificate of the minor
  • Identity proof of the parent/guardian
  • Address proof of the parent/guardian
  • Recent photograph of the minor
  • _______________ (any other required document)

Thank you for considering my request. I shall be highly obliged if the account is opened at the earliest. If you need any further information, please contact me at __________ (contact details).

Yours sincerely,
___________ (Your Name)
___________ (Parent/Guardian)
___________ (Contact Number)
___________ (Address)