The Branch Manager,
____________ (Bank Name),
____________ (Branch Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject- Bank Guarantee Issuance

Respected Sir/Madam,

We request you to issue a bank guarantee in name of _____________ (Name). The following are details for your reference.

Beneficiary Name: _________________ (Beneficiary Name)
Beneficiary Address: _________________ (Beneficiary Address)
Bank Guarantee Currency: _________________ (Currency)
Amount of Bank Guarantee: _________________ (Amount)
Tenor: _________________ (Tenor)
Date of Expiry: _________________ (Expiry)
Claim Date/Period: _________________ (Period of claim)

The purpose of the following is ________________ (Advance Payment/ Performance/ Bid Bond/ Warranty Construction/ Work Counter Guarantee/ Surety Bond/ Shipping Guarantee/ Security Bond/ any other)

We authorize the bank to debit Account Number: _________________ (Account Number) for any Commission/charges and margin money if applicable.

Declaration: ___________ (Mention if any)

Yours Truly,
_______________ (Signature With Stamp),
_______________ (Name)

Note: Bank may ask for additional documents __________ (IF Applicable – FD Bonds, Application form, Letter, Security/Any other, ID, Address Proof). Request you to kindly contact your Bank for Bank Guarantee Issuance.

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