When writing a request letter for transfer due to distance, it's crucial to maintain clarity and politeness. Clearly state your reason for the transfer, emphasizing the difficulty in commuting to your current workplace. Express appreciation for the consideration of your request and provide necessary details such as your current position, duration of employment, and contact information.

Table of Contents:

Sample Letter for Transfer Due to Distance Reason

The Human Resources Manager,
_________ (Company Name),
_________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Request for transfer

Respected Sir/ Madam,

My name is _________ (Name), working in _______ (Department) of your prestigious company. I am working as ______ (Designation) since _______ (Duration). My employee ID is _______ (Employee ID).

I am writing this letter in order to request you for transferring me to ________ (Branch Address). I have been working in ________ (mention branch) of your reputed company since __/__/_____ (date). I have always been punctual and attentive towards my job. I have always tried to give my best and fullest for the betterment of the company but sir/ madam, due to __________ (mention purpose for transfer) it is getting difficult for me to commute to such a long distance daily.

Therefore, I request you to kindly consider this as a genuine request and transfer me to ________ (mention name of the branch).

Thanking you,
________ (Signature),
________ (Name),
________ (Contact number)

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  • Q: How should I justify my request for a transfer due to distance in the letter?
    • A: Clearly explain the challenges you face with commuting to your current workplace and how it impacts your ability to perform effectively.
  • Q: Is it necessary to mention my employee ID in the transfer request letter?
    • A: Yes, including your employee ID helps HR easily identify your records and process your request efficiently.
  • Q: What should I do if my current branch doesn't have the position I desire?
    • A: Express openness to alternative positions or departments within the company, if applicable, to increase the chances of your transfer being approved.
  • Q: Should I mention any solutions or alternatives to address the commuting issue in the letter?
    • A: If you have any suggestions, such as remote work options or flexible scheduling, you can briefly mention them to demonstrate your willingness to find solutions.
  • Q: How long does it typically take for a transfer request to be processed?
    • A: The processing time for transfer requests varies depending on company policies and workload. It's advisable to follow up with HR after submitting your request to inquire about the timeline.

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