February 9, 2024
Bank Letters

Request Letter for GIC Refund Status – Sample Letter Regarding Status of GIC Refund

The Branch Manager,
____________ (Name of the Bank)
____________ (Branch Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date),

Subject: GIC refund status

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, __________ (Name) and I am holding a GIC account with your branch having account number ________ (GIC account number).

I am writing this letter in regard to the status of the GIC fund refund status. I submitted the application along with all required documents __________ (online/ offline) mode for a refund of amount ________ (amount) on _______ (date) but still status is ________ (current status).

I request you kindly have a look into this matter and process the refund at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,
________ (Your Name)
________ (Account Number)
________ (Contact Details)
________ (Transaction Number)