__________ (Name of the official)
__________ (Name of the venue)
__________ (Address of the venue)

Date: __/__/____(Date)

Subject: Permission Request for Dance Event

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is ________ (name), and I am writing this letter to respectfully request permission to organize a dance event at ___________ (mention venue) on __/__/____ (date). The timings for the event will be from _______ (time) to _______ (time) and is expected to attract an audience of approximately __________ (mention number of people).

The purpose of this event is to showcase and promote cultural activities, with a focus on traditional dance forms. The event, titled ________ (name of the event), will feature by a group of highly trained and experienced dancers who will mesmerize the audience with their performances. _________ (explain the event)

I kindly request your permission to use the venue for this dance event, and I am ready to pay the applicable booking charges for the venue. In case of any inquiries or if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at _________ (Contact Number).

Thanking you,
_________ (Signature),
_________ (Your name),
_________ (Contact details)

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