The Manager,
______________ (Name of the company),
______________ (Address)

Date: __ /__ / ____ (Date)

The Manager,
_____________ (Name of the company),
_____________ (Address)

Subject: Request for advance payment against work order

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am ____________ (Name), manager of _____________ (Name of the company).

I am writing this letter to request you an early payment for the deal ____________ (Name of the deal) dated _____________ (Date) for the products/work _____________ (Mention the product name). The major of asking an advance payment is ______________ (Mention the reason/security/resources/others).

If the payment is not made in advance, ___________ (problem, issue happened). Please do make the payment in advance by __________ (Date). The payment can be done through _________ (cheque or by bank transfer).

The account details are:
Name of the bank:
Account number:
IFSC code:

Thank you.

____________ (Name),
____________ (Contact),
____________ (Signature)

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