Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letters are for reference, and name-dropping purposes, someone on behalf of the referenced person writes the letter to an individual or organization. Request for Recommendation Letter is used in academic as Recommendation Letter for Internship, Recommendation Letter for Scholarship, Letter of Recommendation for Higher Studies, Letter of Recommendation from Professor for Masters Degree and also in Business Deals, Visa Purpose, Government Proposals, etc.

The Recommendation Letter in school or college by an influential person is meant for admission, scholarship or maybe transfer, etc, here the recommendation letter is written for the student highlighting his academic skills and how the recommendation is related and his own achievements to recommend him, alumni, scholar, ex-professor or someone in job holding a positive past experience with the applicant can write a recommendation letter, Likewise in office or job, ex-employer can write a recommendation letter for job transfer for the applicant, or a current employer from a different team can recommend the applicant for a new job position, new project or job transfer.

Recommendation letters widely used are –

  • Letter of Recommendation for a Friend
  • Recommendation Letter for Student
  • Letter of Recommendation for Employee
  • Recommendation Letter for Job
  • Professional Reference Letter
  • Recommendation Letter for Internship
  • Request For Recommendation Letter
  • Recommendation Letter for Student From Teacher
  • Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager
  • Immigration Recommendation Letter Sample
  • Doctor Recommendation Letter For Patient
  • Coach Recommendation Letter
  • Tenure Recommendation Letter
  • Recommendation Letter for University

Recommendation Letter consist of the following parts –

Mention the Sender’s details:

  • Sender Details – Complete details of the writer/recommender recommending someone in any regard.

Mention the Receiver’s details:

  • Receiver Details – Write the complete details of the addressee following the correct recommendation letter format.

Greet the Receiver with a humble wish:

  • Greeting – Warm wishes to start the letter on a good note.

Mention the date when you are writing the Recommendation Letter:

  • Date – Date of the recommendation letter

Mention a short subject of the Recommendation Letter:

  • Subject – Write the purpose of recommendation letter

Start writing the details of the Recommendation Letter by having a look on recommendation letter Format mentioned below:

  • Body – Here write the recommender background and relationship with the applicant with reference to back.

Enclose the reference documents along with the Recommendation Letter:

  • Enclosure – Attach the documents of achievement and experience.

Close the Recommendation Letter with your Signature, Name and Contact Details:

  • Signature – Sign

Tips for Writing a Recommendation Letter –

  • Always start with a greeting and thank you note to make a polite start.
  • Recommendation letter writers should pen down achievements and background to show credibility.
  • Recommendation letter must vividly explain the relationship with the applicant.
  • Recommendation letter should be very formal and professional.
  • Most important Recommendation Letter should be Positive.

Recommendation Letter Sample | Recommendation Letter Temple | Recommendation Request Format –

This is the sample recommendation application letter when you write to request for the recommendation letter from the reference.


____________ Sender’s Name,
____________ Sender’s Address


____________ Receiver’s Name
____________ Receiver’s Address

Date : ___/___/___

Subject : Request for Recommendation Letter ____


Greetings – Hope you are doing well.

It feels great to write to you________

Looking forward to __________

Yours Sincerely,
_____________ Sender’s Name
_____________ Sender’s Signature

Letter Of Recommendation Example

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Recommendation Letter