February 9, 2024
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Permission Letter to Sell Food at a School Compound – Sample Letter of Permission to Sell Eatable in School

The Concerned Authority,
____________ (Name of the company),
____________ (Address of company’s office)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Permission for selling food

Sir/ Madam,
I am __________ (name) and I serve ___________ (school name) as _________ (designation).

I write this letter on behalf of __________ (school name)’s administration in reference to the request letter that we have received from your side on __/__/_____ (date). We have received a request from your end seeking permission to sell food items at our school’s compound. Our administration has decided to give you a chance for the same.

We look forward to your response. Could you respond vide mail at ________@_____.____ (email address)

___________ (School Name),
___________ (Name and Signature),
___________ (Roll number)

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