___________ (Landlord’s Name),
___________ (Landlord’s Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

___________ (Tenant’s Name)
___________ (Tenant’s Address)

Subject: Complaint about noise

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I __________ (name), legal owner of _______ (mention address). This letter is in reference to the tenancy agreement signed between _____ (Name) and me on __/__/____ (date).

I am writing this letter in order to inform you that I have been noticing noise from your rented property and which has been disturbing me along with other neighbours for a long time. This is to inform you that I have received numerous complaints regarding the same. The noise is usually made at ______ (mention time – midnight/other) and which is affecting the personal relationship with other residents.

This is to genuinely request you to look into it in order to prevent any actions against the tenancy agreement.

____________ (Signature),
____________ (Name),
____________ (Contact Number)

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