Letter To Your Mother About Her Health – Sample Letter

From ____________,

Greetings to you mom. I am really sorry for being extremely busy with my work. All of a sudden there came a lot of work, and I got occupied.

I am concerned about your health. Please take medicines on time. I really want you to live for a longer period of time and you know there are a lot of possibilities. I heard ______ (dad/brother/sister) complaining about you. You have to take care of yourself for yourself and for all your loved ones.

You know well, you are not well. I request you to make a schedule. Learn your hobbies and live a beautiful life. Since you have taught us how to live, now it seems it is our turn to take care of you and help yourself to live a good life. Please take care of yourself.

I will keep in touch.

Lots of love,
Yours loving,
__________ (Name)
__________ (Sign)

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