Letter to your Cousin for Diwali Wishes

__________ (Reciever’s address),
__________ (City),
__________ (Pincode),

Date: __/__/____ (DD/MM/YYYY)

Dear _________ (Name),

Hope you are doing fine, I am great here. How are your studies going on? I heard that you got a _______ (scholarship) from your university lately. My heartiest congratulations on that, work a little harder and soon I believe your dreams will come true.

Its Diwali coming up, and you are being terribly missed. I wrote to you to give you the magical essence of Diwali so that you do not feel alone over there. Same as every year, we have a beautiful rangoli at home, will be lighting the whole place with the candles. _________ (Name/ Relative) will be making great food this year as well. ______ (Name/ Relative), as usual, is the in-charge of the lighting section.

Though you are being missed, we all will be praying for you. Every day and night, all we want from you is to study hard and have a visit soon. I understand it must be difficult staying away, but as of now, don’t see the emotional phase and focus on your studies.

Sending you lots of love and wishes. Call whenever you get some time.

Yours loving,
__________ (Your Name)


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