February 20, 2024
Informal Letters

Write a Letter to Your Best Friend on Her Wedding Day – Sample Letter to Friend on Her Wedding Day

________ (Name)

Date: __ / __ / ____ (Date)

Dear _______ (Name),

I hope this letter finds you in good health.

At the very beginning, I would like to ask apologies for not being there at your marriage. I know you expected me at your place as a bridesmaid/best man. I completely agree you must have made prior commitments and arrangements accordingly, and it was sad I didn’t turn up. I must apologize and say that I was really caught up in some work through which I had no way of coming through.

I even had my dresses and speeches ready. Anyway, I ask heartfelt apologies for not being there. Now, since you have got married, I completely understand you must be busy, with your new life, new responsibilities and you must be really caught up with a lot of work too.

Anyhow, I really wish you the best for your coming life. I really wish to see you happy and contented just the way you wanted to see yourself in the coming future. Marriage is a beautiful friendship which is not ordinary and you know well how to go with it. There is a lot of happiness coming on your way. Just stay blessed and write me back.

I will be waiting for your letter.

Yours loving,
_________ (Name)

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