The Principal,
___________ (Name of the School),
___________ (School’s Address)


___________ (Name of the Student),
___________ (Class)

Subject: Request for Bonafide Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am __________ (Name), studying in _________(Class Name) class of your school, my roll number is _________ (Roll Number).

I am writing this letter to you to request you for a Bonafide Certificate issued on my name. I need Bonafide Certificate as I am applying for Aadhaar Card for which an appointment has been scheduled on __________ (Date).  Kindly find the Certificates and ID Proofs of mine attached along with this letter.

I request you to kindly issue me a Bonafide Certificate in my name i.e. ________ (Name) at the earliest possible.

Yours Truly,
_____________ (Name of the Student),
_____________ (Signature)

Encl: Certificates and Identification Proof

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