February 20, 2024
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Letter to Friend Asking for Loan – Sample Letter to Friend Regarding Loan

Date: __ / __ /____ (Date)

Dear ________,

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I am doing fine here.

I am writing this letter to ask for a small favor from you. I am going through a very tough situation. You know well the financial situation of our house.

With a heavy heart, I would like to tell you that my ____________ (mention reason) and due to which it is getting difficult for us to survive. I am writing this letter to request you a loan of ________ (loan amount required) so that I can do a _________ (mention details). I promise that I will return it as soon as possible.

I am in need of this money as I am _________ (mention in detail why you need money) which needs a good amount of money and at this moment my family cannot afford to pay such a big amount. Therefore, I request you to kindly provide me with a loan of ____________ (Amount).

Waiting for your reply,
__________ (Name)

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