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From _____,

Dear _______,

Hope you are doing amazing. I am doing well here.

Today I want to tell you something which is strange for our genes. I know, this might have given you some hint. Yes, I am talking about waking up early. I experienced it very later in my life that we have so many benefits of waking up early in the morning. I had only heard an idiom that the early bird gets the worm. Give me a chance to explain.

This was during my vacation, and it all started when I took a small decision. I had to lose weight. I started getting up early. I was amused when I saw the results. My subconscious mind has become so alert now, that I can think peacefully. I do not feel lethargic anymore. Point is, that I am able to concentrate on myself more. I am able to divide my day in such a way that, I can cover all my chores and save more time.

It sounds like some habit like old school, but it worked wonders for me. Maybe here I learned how I can be more organized and better in life. You must try that too. It will be difficult for a few days, but after some days, it will all be fine, trust me.

Write me back your experience after trying it.

Waiting for your response.

Yours loving,
_________ (Name)

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