When composing a letter of recommendation for a student, it's essential to be clear and polite. Begin by introducing yourself and your affiliation with the college or university. Provide specific details about the student's academic achievements, projects, and extracurricular activities. Highlight their strengths and suitability for the internship or project. Close the letter by offering availability for further inquiries.

Table of Contents:

Letter Of Recommendation for Student from Professor

From ,
_________ (Name of the Professor),
_________ (Name of the College/University)


_________ (Name of the internship committee head),
_________ (Name of the Organization)

Dear ________, (Name of the internship committee head/organization head)

My name is Professor ___________ (Name of the professor). I have been in _________ (Name of the college) since _________ (Number of years).

I am writting to recommend __________ (Name of student) for ________ (internship/ project etc.). I have known __________ (Name of the student) from ______ (Years). He/She hails from the ________ (Department) and is an excellent student of the batch _________ (Batch year).

He/She has worked on the project ________ (Names of the major project) and has in-depth knowledge of __________ (Name of the core subjects). He/She has worked on the _________ (Name of the thesis) which was completely assisted by me. With a decent attendance record, he/she has an excellent academic record.

He/She also excels in _____________ (extracurricular) activities and shows up a responsible behavior with the staff and other fellow mates. He/She can bring much with the research and make the organization grow.

If you have any questions or queries, I will be available on ________ (Phone Number) and ___________ (Email Id).


__________ (Name of the Professor),
__________ (Department/College),
__________ (Signature with stamp)

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  1. How should a professor introduce themselves in a letter of recommendation?
    • Professors should begin by stating their name, designation, and affiliation with the college or university.
  2. What information should be included about the student in a recommendation letter?
    • The letter should include details about the student's academic performance, projects undertaken, extracurricular activities, and any other relevant qualifications.
  3. Is it necessary to mention the duration of acquaintance with the student in the letter?
    • Yes, mentioning the number of years the professor has known the student helps establish the credibility of the recommendation.
  4. What should professors emphasize when describing the student's academic achievements?
    • Professors should highlight the student's strengths, such as their performance in specific subjects, participation in projects, and any notable academic accomplishments.
  5. How should professors offer assistance for further inquiries in the letter?
    • Professors should provide their contact information, including phone number and email address, inviting the recipient to reach out for any additional information or clarifications.

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