February 21, 2024
Recommendation Letter

Letter Of Recommendation for Student from Professor

From ,
_________ (Name of the Professor),
_________ (Name of the College/University)


_________ (Name of the internship committee head),
_________ (Name of the Organization)

Dear ________, (Name of the internship committee head/organization head)

My name is Professor ___________ (Name of the professor). I have been in _________ (Name of the college) since _________ (Number of years).

I am writting to recommend __________ (Name of student) for ________ (internship/ project etc.). I have known __________ (Name of the student) from ______ (Years). He/She hails from the ________ (Department) and is an excellent student of the batch _________ (Batch year).

He/She has worked on the project ________ (Names of the major project) and has in-depth knowledge of __________ (Name of the core subjects). He/She has worked on the _________ (Name of the thesis) which was completely assisted by me. With a decent attendance record, he/she has an excellent academic record.

He/She also excels in _____________ (extracurricular) activities and shows up a responsible behavior with the staff and other fellow mates. He/She can bring much with the research and make the organization grow.

If you have any questions or queries, I will be available on ________ (Phone Number) and ___________ (Email Id).


__________ (Name of the Professor),
__________ (Department/College),
__________ (Signature with stamp)

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