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When writing a letter authorizing the use of a vehicle, clarity and politeness are essential. Clearly state the purpose, date, and time for which the vehicle is being authorized for use. Remind the recipient to handle the vehicle responsibly and outline their liability in case of any mishaps. Express well wishes for a safe journey to convey goodwill.

Table of Contents:

Sample Authorization Letter To Use Vehicle

__________(Name of the Collegue)

Date: __/__/____(Date)

Subject: Letter to authorize the use of vehicle

Dear __________(Name of the Colleague),

I am writing this letter in reference to the request letter that I received from your side on __________(Date). I am __________(Your Name), from department __________(mention your department), the owner of the vehicle.

I hereby state that you are allowed to use the vehicle for __________(Mention Purpose of using the vehicle) on ________(Date), from ________(Time) to ________(Time).

I expect you to ride the vehicle with the utmost care. If by chance any __________(Mishappening/ Misconduct like – Challan, Accident, or Damage) happens to the vehicle, you shall be held liable. Wishing you a safe ride.


__________(Your Name)
__________(Contact Number)

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  • How do I authorize someone to use my vehicle?
    • Write a formal letter granting permission for the specified date and purpose of vehicle usage, clearly stating the individual's name, department, and contact details.
  • What should I include in the authorization letter?
    • Clearly state the purpose, date, and time for which the vehicle is being authorized for use, along with a reminder for responsible handling and liability in case of mishaps.
  • Can the authorization letter be sent via email?
    • Yes, you can send the authorization letter via email, ensuring it follows a similar format to the formal letter.
  • Is it necessary to specify the purpose and duration of vehicle use?
    • Yes, specifying the purpose and duration helps clarify the terms of usage and ensures accountability.
  • What should I do if there's damage to the vehicle during the authorized use?
    • The individual authorized to use the vehicle will be held liable for any damage incurred during the specified period.

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