The Principal,
_________ (Name of the College),
_________ (Address)


_________ (Name of the trustee),
_________ (Name of the University),

Subject: Requesting financial help


(Greetings of the day),

Most humbly, I would like to put up a firm request for funding in _____________ (Name of the college). We are short of basic amenities such as ____________ (Mention the shortages college is facing).

COLLEGE NAME (Name of the College) has been an esteemed and aspired college since decades. In order to carry out the natural procedures of the college, we urgently need funding of _______ (Mention the least amount) by _____ (Date).

I hope you find my intentions pure for the growth of the college.

Waiting for an early response.

__________ (Name of the Principal)
__________ (Signature)
__________ (Name of the College)

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