February 9, 2024
Consent Letters

Landlord Consent Letter for Electricity Connection – Sample Letter of Consent for Electricity Connection for Tenants

__________ (Tenant’s name),
__________ (Tenant’s address)

Date: __/__/_____ (date)

Subject: Consent for electricity connection

Dear ________ (name of tenant),

I _________ (your name) an undersigned owner of ________ (property address) write this letter to give my full consent to get new electricity connection at my property.

I hereby give my full consent to the property tenants bearing tenancy contract number ________ (mention contract number) allowing to get the electricity connection at ___________ (address).

This is to inform that I will ensure that __________ (name of the tenants) clears all the dues and pending bills before vacating the place and also be held liable if fails to do the needful.

Date: ___________ (mention date on which consent was given)
Purpose: ____________ (Purpose)

Kindly consider this consent letter to get an electricity connection at my property.

___________ (mention your name with signature),
___________ (contact number)

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