Follow up Letter

Follow up letters are the second round of conversation continuing while referring to something from the past. The letter refers to the last Request Letter, Complaint Letter, Application Letter, Permission Letter, Thank you Letter, etc, for update, insight, or addition to the previous action. Generally, Follow-up Letters fall in the category of formal letters as a top-up letter. The purpose and intent of follow-up letters are to keep track of an old interaction over letters.

The Follow up letters are simple to understand and write, Follow up letters talk about a previous interaction and add new information to seek updates for the ongoing process. The Follow up letters have a specific agenda and cause to follow up for the request made in any regard. The content of the Follow up letters is uniquely designed specifically to counter the previous letter or to follow up with the main letter, and the follow up letter supports the cause/event of the letter, like sample follow up letter after interview, follow-up letter for job application, follow up letter for employment, follow up letter to the government, sample follow up letter for approval, follow up letter for school admission, follow up letter for salary increment, follow up letter for resignation acceptance, follow up letter for reimbursement, a gentle follow up for repair, follow up letter to potential employer, follow up letter to customer.

The nature of the main/reference letter can be Permission, Request, complaint, Authorization, Apology etc but a gentle follow up letter is written to trail the former letter.

The Follow up sample letter, format of follow up letter is composed of –

Mention the Sender’s details:

  • Sender’s Name/Details – Mention the name and details of the writer or follower of the letter seeking a follow up action.

Mention the Receiver’s details:

  • Receiver’s Name/ Details – The concerned authority asked for the explanation or update.

Mention the date when you are drafting the Letter:

  • Date – The date of writing the letter.

Mention a short subject of the Appeal Letter:

  • The Subject – The purpose of the follow up with the reference of  the previous letter.

Start the Follow up Letter with a gentle and humble salutation:

  • Salutation – Dear/ respected to the addressee

Write a good content to counter the referenced letter which will further have a strong impact on the receiver.

  • Body – The Introduction or reference to old letters or a new event, the expectation from the letter.

Close the Follow up Letter with the required enquiry having the Contact Details:

  • Closing Note – The details of resolution expected and timeline. Also, mention the contact details for further communication.

Follow up letters are written around an event or cause of past and future, so to understand questions like

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Tips to write a good and impressive Follow Up Letter –

  • Write explicit details and be very accurate with the reference.
  • Always follow the trail Letter reference and address one or max two issues at one time.
  • Be very polite with the nature of follow up, be subtle.
  • Always Keep enough time difference between follow up time.
  • Ask for resolution and set the right expectation from the letter.
  • When adding or topping up letters, provide the relevancy of documents.

Sample Format of Follow Up Letter –

______ Sender’s Name
______ Sender’s Address

Date : ___/___/___

______ Recipient’s Name
______ Recipient’s Address

Subject : Follow up Letter in Reference to –

Dear/Respected ______,

I/ We _____, This is to bring to your notice ____

___ the reference to the event or the letter ___

____ sharing the requirement/ adding information/ asking for an update etc. ____

Seeking/looking forward/ _______

Yours Sincerely/Faithfully,
_______ Contact Details

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