Complaint Letter to the Municipal Corporation about Sewage Problem – Sewage Problem Complaint Letter

___________ (Your Address)

Municipal Corporation,
_____________ (City)
_____________ (State/ Province)

Date: _____________

Subject: Complaint regarding overflowing sewage / blocked sewage

Respected Sir,

I, _____________ (Your Name) a resident of _____________(Locality) and an active member of _____________ (Resident welfare Association etc.) would like to bring to your  kind notice the extensive overflow of the sewage in the  _____________(Area/ street/ lane etc.). Due to this local residents have to face detrimental effects of polluted water. The increasing amount of contaminated diseases is a growing concern. The _____________ (breakage/ overflowing) of the sewer line has been a concern for last _________ (days/ week/ months) now.

As a result, a large portion of residents is exposed to health issues such as _____________ (skin problems, respiratory system problems, Hepatitis, etc.).The local roads are flooded with effluent/ wastewater, which is not tolerated by the people. Moreover, the stinking smell is unbearable.

This issue needs to be resolved on an emergency basis. Being a concerned resident of your supervised locality, I humbly request you to take appropriate steps immediately.

Yours Sincerely
_____________ (Your Name)
_____________ (Address)

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