February 10, 2024
Complaint Letters

Complaint Letter to Hospital for Poor Service – Hospital Poor Service Complaint Letter Sample

__________ (Recipient’s details)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Complaint regarding ___________ (Complaint details)

Sir/ Madam,

This is to most humbly inform you that I am__________ (Name) and I am a resident of _________ (mention).

I write this letter in reference to the recent hospitalization dated __/__/____ vide patient ID number __________ (mention ID here). I beg to inform you that I/ relation _________ (mention) was admitted to your hospital for the treatment of _________ (mention treatment/ surgery name) and I am not satisfied with the services that your hospital has provided. _______________ (mention complaint issues – The room was not at all clean / the bed was not tidy / the hospital staff was not cooperative/rude behavior/ other).

This is to request you kindly look into the matter and take appropriate action in this regard. I shall be obliged. I believe you will consider this issue genuine and you will look into the matter at the earliest. Your hospital is a renowned one and I did not expect this. For any inquiries, you may contact me at _________ (Contact Number).

__________ (Signature),
__________ (Name),
__________ (Contact Number)

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