February 10, 2024
Complaint Letters

Complaint Letter for Lost Wallet – Sample Complaint Letter to Police for Lost wallet

The Officer In-charge,
__________(Police Station),

Date: ___/___/____ (Date)

Subject: Complaint for lost wallet

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, my name is __________ (Name) son/daughter of ___________(father’s/guardian name) and I am a resident of __________(mention address).

I would like to bring to your kind attention that on __/___/____ (date) I was travelling from _________ to __________ (location) by ________(means of transport). During my trip, I misplaced my wallet. I had my wallet at __________ station (location) but after a while, when I had to use it again, I couldn’t find it. I am sure that I have lost my wallet there only. I tried to find my wallet, but I was unable to find it.

I would like to share the details of my wallet. I had approximately _________(amount) of cash inside my wallet and there was ________ (mention contents) of __________(identity card/license/debit /credit card/other). The wallet was of _________(describe color) color and of ___________(name of the brand) brand.

Kindly, consider my request and lodge a complaint for the theft/lost wallet. I am attaching a self-attested copy of my identity proof as it is required for filling a complaint. I hope that you will find my wallet as soon as possible. Please, contact me at _______________(contact details).

Thanking you,
__________(Contact details)


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