When drafting a complaint letter against a person in a company, it's crucial to maintain clarity and politeness while expressing your concerns. Clearly state the issue you're facing, provide relevant details such as the duration of the problem and specific incidents, and express your expectation for prompt action from the HR department. Avoid using aggressive language and focus on providing factual information to support your complaint.

Table of Contents:

Sample Complaint Letter Against a Person in Company

(Sender’s details)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

(Receiver’s details)

Subject: Complaint against a person

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the inappropriate behavior of the ________ (Person’s details), in the company. I am working here for the past _______ (months/years) and I have never faced any problems so far. From the last ______ (weeks/months), I am facing _______ (mention issue).

Since the time _________, (Mention complaint in detail/ mention your issue).

I sincerely hope that you will take the necessary action for this immediate cause and I believe that whatever action will be taken will be in favor of the company. I am looking forward to a positive response from your side as early as possible.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
____________ (Signature),
____________ (Name),
____________ (Contact Number)

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  • What should I include in a complaint letter to HR about a colleague's behavior?
    • In your letter, clearly state the problematic behavior you've observed, provide specific examples if possible, and explain how it has affected you or your work environment.
  • Should I discuss the issue with the colleague before writing a complaint letter to HR?
    • It's often advisable to attempt resolving the issue directly with the colleague before involving HR. However, if the behavior persists or if the issue is serious, it's appropriate to escalate the matter to HR.
  • How long should I wait for a response from HR after submitting a complaint letter?
    • The response time may vary depending on the organization's policies and the severity of the issue. It's reasonable to expect a timely acknowledgment of your complaint and communication regarding any actions taken by HR to address it.
  • What should I do if I face retaliation from the colleague after submitting a complaint?
    • If you experience retaliation or any form of adverse treatment as a result of filing a complaint, report it to HR immediately. Retaliation against employees for raising legitimate concerns is prohibited by law in many jurisdictions.
  • Can I request confidentiality when submitting a complaint letter to HR?
    • Yes, you can request confidentiality when submitting a complaint letter to HR. Most HR departments take confidentiality seriously and will handle your complaint discreetly to the extent possible while conducting a thorough investigation.

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