February 18, 2024
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Authorization Letter to Bank For Issuance of Bank Statement

The Branch Manager,
____________ (Name of the Bank),
____________ (Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

____________ (Name of the Authority giver),
____________ (Address)

Subject: Authority letter for issuance of bank statement to ____________ (name of the person)


I ___________ (Your Name) hold a __________ (Type of Account) bearing Account no. _________ in your Bank.

I hereby authorize Mr/Mrs/Miss ____________ (Name) to collect bank statement for the account ______________ (Account Number) from __________ (Date) to ___________ (Date). I am unable to come to branch and occupied for ______________ (Reason of not being able to come to bank).

I request you to kindly handover the Bank statement of the above-mentioned account to Mr/Mrs/Miss ____________ whose signature is attested below. I am enclosing a copy of ________ (ID Proof/Address Proof) attached herewith.


For any queries please feel free to reach out on:
________________ (Contact Number),
________________ (Email ID)

_________________ (Name)
_________________ (Account Number)

Encl: __________ (Copy of ID /Address Proof/Any other supporting documents)

Note: For issuance of Bank statements to another person other than the account holder. Banks may ask for other supporting documents or Banks may deny the issuance of Bank statements to any other person as per Bank policy. Request you to kindly contact Bank for Bank statement

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