The Branch Manager,
____________ (Name of the Bank),
____________ (Branch Address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Updation of Visa details in Bank Account Number _____________ (Account Number)

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I would like to state that my name is ____________ (Name) and I have a __________ (NRE/NRO) savings account in your branch. Account number alloted to my account is __________ (Account Number).

Respected, I would like to state that I carry an NRE/NRO account in your branch bearing account number ___________ (Account Number). I would like to state that my VISA got expired dated on ___________ (Date of expiry) which is now renewed. Therefore, I request you to kindly update my VISA details. Following are my VISA details:

Passport number: ____________
VISA Number: ____________
Type fo VISA: __________
Date of issuance: ____________
Country of VISA issued: ____________

As per requirement please find the customer request form, application form, copy of passport and visa, and ______________ (Any other required document) enclosed with this application.

Kindly get it updated so that my transactions won’t be affected. I shall be thankful.

Yours truly,
______ (Name)
______ (Account number)
______ (Branch Address)
______ (IFSC Code)

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