February 11, 2024
Bank Letters

Application for Change FD Maturity Instructions – Letter for Fixed Deposit Change Mode to Auto Closure

The Branch Manager,
___ (Bank Name)
___ (Branch)
___ ( Branch Address)

Date: __/__/____

Subject: Change FD Maturity Instructions of FD No. ____ (Fixed Deposit Number) to Auto Closure


l am holding a Fixed Deposit A/C No. __________ (FD Number) in the name of ______ (Name)

Kindly change the mode of FD from _______ (auto renewal) to ______ (auto closure) and credit the amount in my account No. ______ (Account Number). I hereby enclosing FD Receipt/ FD Bond / FD Advice and KYC document along with application for Fixed deposit mode change.

Thanking You,

Signature: _____
Name: ______
Contact: _____

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