Date: __/__/______(date)

Dear Mom,

I feel ashamed and extremely sorry for stealing _________ (details of stealing). Of course, you will not believe it now, but my intention was not to steal the _________ (details of stealing). I have done such a shameful act that I can’t even face you in person for telling the truth. I know this act of mine has created an awkward situation between us.

I have done this _______________ (mention your reason for stealing). I do understand that you and dad are trying the best to give me everything. I feel so bad and regret about this. I knew that someday you will find out about this, so I decided to write it on a paper to explain my situation.

I promise you that this will not happen again in the future. I promise you that I will change myself and will make my parents proud.

I am very sorry for hurting you and I hope that you will try to forgive me.

_____________ (Name)

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