______________ (Sender’s Name)
______________ (Sender’s Address)

Date: __/__/______ (date)

______________ (Receiver’s Name)
______________ (Receiver’s Address)

Dear Mom,

I write this letter in so much pain and regret. I apologize for _______________ (mention the reason for your apology – fighting in hostel/smoking in hostel/drinking in hostel/leaving hostel without permission/violation of hostel rules). I have realized my mistake and I regret the things I have done in my hostel life.

You have always loved and supported me for everything. I am sorry for hurting your feelings and I promise you that this will not happen again.

I hope that you will understand my feelings and accept my apology. I love you so much and I ensure that I will be a better son/daughter and make you feel proud.

Your loving son/daughter,
______________ (Name)

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