Head of the Department.
_________ (College name),
_________ (College address)

Date: __/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Apology for cheating in examination

Respected sir/ madam,

My name is __________ (name) and I am a student of __________ (department) department of your reputed college i.e. __________ (college name). My roll number/ student ID number is __________ (roll number/ student ID number is).

Through this letter, I would like to inform you that I have been caught cheating in the exam ______________ (mention name of the exam). Respected, I was caught __________ (mention details- copying from student’s answer sheet/ mobile phone/other). I would apologize for this misdeed.

This is to request you to kindly accept my sincere apologies and forgive me for the same.

Yours truly,
__________ (name),
__________ (class),
__________ (roll number)

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