February 25, 2024

Excuse Letter for Being Absent

Due to some foreseen or unforeseen circumstances, people have to be absent from their work and students have to be absent
from their schools or colleges.

An Excuse letter for being absent is a way to inform the authority about one’s absence. This letter should contain the reason for being absent.


The objective for writing an excuse letter for being absent is to provide information to the higher authority/reporting manager/supervisor etc, about one’s absence along with the reason.

Another important objective for writing this letter is to request to The Principal/HR Manager/reporting manager/supervisor etc, not to impose any penalty/actions or fines on the absentee.


  1. Since these letters are usually written to a higher authority such as Principal/Teacher/HOD/Manager/HR etc. hence the tone of the letter should be kept formal.
  2. Such letters must contain the reason for not showing up.
  3. The reason should be given in a precise and straightforward manner.
  4. One must include duration of absence and their details like class/section for students, or the department they work in, their position etc for employees
  5. If the absence is taken due to health reasons, one can also attach the medical prescription along with the excuse letter.Excuse letters for being absent
Excuse Letters

Excuse Letter for Not Taking the Exam Due to Power Interruption – Sample Letter of Excuse for Not Attending Exam Due to Power Interruption

To, The Principal, ____________ (School Name), ____________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) Subject: Apology for not attending the exam Respected Sir/

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