Letter to Municipal Corporation Informing Regarding Illegal Construction Being Done

To, The _______, Municipal Corporation, ____________ (Address) Date: __/__/____ (Date) From, _____________ (Name of the Citizen), _____________ (Address) Subject: Complaint regarding illegal construction Respected Sir/Madam, I, the undersigned, ____________ (Name of the citizen), wish to bring your kind attention towards the dooming condition of our locality in _____________ (Area/Address). There is a lot of illegal … Read more

Complaint Letter to Municipal Corporation Complaining About Garbage – Complaint Letter About Garbage

Sample Complaint Letter to Municipal Corporation Complaining About Garbage To, The _____________ (HOD/Commissioner), Municipal Corporation, ___________ (City), Date:__/__/____ (Date) Subject: Garbage Collection I, _________(name) residing at _________ (Address), beg to draw your kind attention, to an outgrowing issue in our residential area. For the last few ______ (days/weeks/months), we have been facing an awful situation … Read more

Complaint Letter Regarding Irregular Water Supply – Write a Letter to Municipality about Irregular Water Supply

To, The __________ (Commissioner/Chairman), Municipal Corporation, _____________ (Address) Date: __ /__ /____ (DD/MM/YYYY) From, ______________ (Name of the resident), ______________ (Address) Subject: Complaint about irregular water supply Respected Sir/Madam, I would like to draw your kind attention, to the residence of __________ (Address), which is facing the problem of irregular water supply. Well, it is … Read more

Letter To Municipal Corporation For Removing Speed Breakers – Removal Of Excessive Speed Breakers

To, The Chairman, Municipal Corporation, ____________ (Address, City) Date: __/__/____ (Date) From, ______________ (Name of the citizen), ______________ (Address) Subject: Requesting removal of speed breakers Respected Sir/Madam, I, ____________ (Name of the citizen), beg to draw your attention towards the residency/area ___________________ (Mention the correct address). There are excessive and unwanted numbers of speed breakers … Read more

Letter of Complaint About Garbage Collection – Sample Letter of Complaint Regarding Garbage Collection

To, The ___________ (Chairman/Municipal Commissioner), ____________ (Address Line) ____________ (City, State) Date: __/__/____ (Date) From, _____________ (Name of the Citizen) _____________ (Address Line) Subject: Complaint regarding garbage collection Respected Sir/Madam, With due respect, I am ____________ (Name of the Citizen), residing in _______________ (Address). I am writing this letter to bring in your concern the … Read more

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